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Nike Introduces the Pro Hijab For Female Muslim Athlete.

Female Muslim athletes around the world can finally look forward to representation in professional sportswear after Nike announced it will launch the Nike Pro Hijab.
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House of Finn Juhl /  Finn Juhl & onecollection
One of my favorite Finn Juhl furniture is the 45 chair.
Today many of the Finn Juhl classics are made by Onecollection A/S, a company owned by the holding company Hansen & Sørensen ApS, which was founded in 1990 by Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen in Denmark.

In 2000, Onecollection acquired the exclusive rights to produce Finn Juhl’s iconic furniture from the 1940’s and 50’s. Since then, the company has re-launched a comprehensive range of Juhl’s designs.

Today the great House of Finn Juhl collection includes more than 40 original Finn Juhl classics.

House of Finn Juhl 

Check out the Hotel and House of Finn Juhl in Hakuba in Japana - House of Finn Juhl - Hakuba - Japan 

[Images ©onecollection.com]

Abstract: The Art of Design Today Netflix released the entire first season of Abstract: The Art of Design, which aims to explore the minds, lives, and work of some of the world’s best creatives, including Paula Scher (graphic designer), Christoph Niemann (illustrator), Platon (photographer), Tinker Hatfield (Nike shoe designer), Ralph Gilles (automotive designer), Bjarke Ingels (architect), Ilse Crawford (interior designer), and Es Devlin (stage designer).
Since I  the architecure from BIG or Bjarke Ingels Group I watched this episode first. Can’t wait to see the rest! Next up is the episode with the iconic graphic designer, Paula Scher and photographer, Platon 

Great design simplifies a very complicated world - Platon, photographer

[Image from http://coolmaterial.com]

Hotel Okura - Architecture
End of an era from Monocle on Vimeo.

As the life of Tokyo’s iconic Hotel Okura draws to an end, Monocle is granted exclusive access to capture on film the gracious ways of this much-loved modernist gem. A must see.

Read the full article about the Hotel Okura here.
[Source © Monocle] [Image on top http://www.domusweb.it/]


Bucket list - Your to-do list

A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term "kicked the bucket".

Have you made a “bucket list”? What you want to do (places to go, people to meet, things to do) before you die ("kick the bucket")
It can be long or short, it can simple or complex, I don’t think it matters. Mine is pretty simple. Places or stuff I want to do.

Making a to-do list of what you really want to achieve, see, do, before you «kick the bucket» might help you to re-energize in a busy daily life or keep motivated in spite of the challenges along the way to do what’s on your list. We only live once, remember to enjoy life.

Places to go: - Visit Graceland, Memphis
- Hike to the Hollywood sign in LA
- Travel to Brazil and take a dip in the ocean at Cocacabana beach, Rio de Janiero
- Take a Muay Thai boxing course in Phuket
- Meet the pink flamingos in Aruba
- Take a great American roadtrip
- See the Northern lights
- Visit the Grand Canyon, US
- Visit the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects
- Take a Architecture tour in Palm Springs, US
- Take a tour at the Frank Sinatra House, Twin Palm in Palm Springs
- Visit the Stahl House in L.A.

- Walk the Great Wall of China
- Tour the temples & gardens of Kyoto
- See Mt. Fuji

Things to eat, drink & where:
- Eat a Donut in New York
- Eat Kobe beef in Japan
- Eat Sushi in Japan
- Eat Takoyaki in Osaka, Japan
- Eat a hotdog at a MLB game
- Eat Tacos in Mexico

Stuff to do & people to meet: - Take a bath in a Japanese Onsen
- Take a Rollercoaster ride in FujiQ, JP
- Sing karaoke in Japan
- See the vinyl collection and have a beer at the JBS bar in Tokyo, Japan
- Take a spin on a (or own) a Yamaha Monkeybike
- Sleep in a capsule hotel in Japan
- Do a round of Tequila shots and get tipsy with Adele Adkins ;)
- Make my own furniture
- Create my own app
- Lift a 100 kilo in deadlift
- Do 80 kg in Squats
- Do a workout at Golds Gym & Muscle beach, LA, (with Arnold S ;)
- Learn more about architecture & food photography ( Nicole Franzen & Kim Høltermand )

....to be continued :)

7 architects
Very interesting video from Louisiana Channel. 7 Architects: Bridging Cultures in a Global World: The social, environmental and cultural aspects of architecture are what makes it truly interesting – and what “builds bridges” – according to the seven prominent architects, including Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel and Peter Zumthor, in this video.
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